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05 Nov, 2018

Mobile Keyword Ranking: Check Google Mobile Ranking With SpySERP Rank Checker

As you know, mobile rank tracking has emerged as a significant ranking factor and which other software can you use other than SpySERP mobile rank tracker, which not only checks your mobile rank but helps you to improve your SEO. Get your package now and enjoy unlimited services.

Mobile rank tracking: what are the perks to keep an eye on

Do you know that you can check your mobile keyword ranking in Google SERP and track any keywords for Google mobile? If you don’t, then now it’s your chance to try SpySERP mobile rank checker and evaluate all the advantages of our service! 

However, we shall look at that later, for now, let’s begin from the base. WHY do you need to track rankings for non-desktop devices?

Why Do You Need to Track Mobile Rankings?

As said Statista, current number of mobile users worldwide is about 4.57 billion. And that’s not all! In 2019 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.68 billion, and in 2020 this number will grow to 4.78 billion.

Search engines like Bing and Google have recognized this fact and now mobile ranking is one of the ranking factors. Additionally, on March 2018 Google rolled out mobile first indexing and said that mobile-first indexing means Google will predominantly use the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. That’s why it’s so important to know how to check Google ranking of website for non-desktop devices

This is exactly what our team is here for; to launch mobile rank tracking software for all users registered in SpySERP and to help them take their site to the level they so wish to. 

Mobile rank tracking vs Desktop rank tracking

    We all have to agree that mobility has become an important aspect in today’s life. For this reason, many people are using mobile devices for their searches. For instance, I would not sit down on my desktop to search for something I can simply google on my phone while doing something else. 

    Therefore, while desktop ranking is very important, it is also crucial that you dedicate a reasonable amount of your time and other resources to ensure that your mobile ranking is also at the top and your site’s online viewers and readers can get access to it easily.

    Google Mobile check positions: is it really important?

    There are other major search engines like Yandex, Yahoo and Bing. However, Google is the most used and users prefer it to other engines. This means that, if you want your web page to rank high, then you will need to keep up with any updates or optimizations made related to position in SERP.

    SpySERP’s Google mobile check positions software can help you check your position in Google SERP, thereby giving you insight on the areas that need improvement. Even better, the software will go further to show you where you lie in comparison to your competitors.

    After checking your position and knowing where you lie, you can always use other SpySERP features like keyword checker and tracker, which will help you know the keywords you need to use in order to rank higher. The tracker will always keep you aware of any changes and fluctuations in your ranking and that of your competitors.

    Just like in desktop devices, mobile devices also have their keywords ranked, of course according to language, geographical location, among other aspects. SpySERP is among the best software you can use to rank keywords. The best thing about it is that it comes in different packages, affordable to different categories of customer, the speed is incredible and its user interface is flawless.

    How Can You Check Mobile Keyword Ranking With SpySERP?

    Every day we help thousands of professionals and agencies to track and monitor their mobile ranking for the keywords in Google with the highest precision and accuracy. Our team can show your top-ranking web-pages for any keyword in the SERP, depending on location, language interface, and other regional settings. Undeniably, one of the best news that you can track mobile rankings using the free SpySERP’s features. All you need to do is create a project, set the appropriate settings, and launch the project. 

    Here is a step by step guide on how to use mobile SERP tracker:

    1. Create a project

    To perform mobile rank tracking, you should sign in your account and press “Create project” button on the sidebar

    Pick your project name and press “Create project” button again:

    Choose “Google Mobile” from drop-down menu and press “Add to Project” button:

    Pick an appropriate search engine settings (domain, content language, browser interface language, country and location). In our example, we picked English settings for Santa-Monica, California, USA. So we’ll be checking mobile keyword ranking for this location:

    Add your website in “Domains” section and press “Save”:

    Add your keywords in “Keywords” section and press “Save” again:

    Select an appropriate time for a check-up and press “Finish Wizard” button:

    You did it! Now you can launch your project and see your mobile keyword ranking!

    2. Check Your Mobile Ranking

    Depending on the number of keywords, your project will be completed for 5-30 minutes. After that, you’ll receive a notification on your registered email:

    You can check your Google mobile ranking of website directly in the email or go to the project and see full results (SpySERP tracker shows your mobile positions in TOP-100 organic results): 

    After following all these steps, you will be set to go and now you can track mobile rankings at any time and for any location.  

    Mobile rank tracking: Summary

    Mobile ranking has hit the top list of the ranking factors and soon it will be the most important one, since most people have taken to the mobile devices and every day, less and less people use desktops. Our SpySERP team is happy to give you a head start with its amazing, user-friendly features that come at very affordable prices. 

    Additionally, to improve your site’s ranking, you should give much attention to the Search engine optimization, SEO; consider other factors like the readability of your site, the backlinks you use, the keyword groups and also ensure your site is very responsive. Most importantly, do not forget about your competitors. Always test your potential against there’s and keep making necessary changes.

    Conclusively, these are just a few details on how the mobile rank tracker works. SpySERP has many other features, which work towards nothing else but to make your experience comfortable and fruitful. Find time and look at the features, then start your free trial as soon as you can.

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