Real-Time Google Search Results API

Whatever your Google SERP Data needs, we've got you covered. Scrape Google and other search engines from our fast, easy, and complete API. Industry's lowest pricing from $0.29 / 1k

Why SpySERP Data API?

Why SpySERP Data API?

A lot of Search Engines

Use any API you need

  • Google SERP
  • Google Images
  • Google News
  • Google Maps
  • Yahoo SERP
  • Bing SERP
  • Baidu SERP
Localized result from worldwide

Localized result from worldwide

Get Google results from anywhere with the appropriate setting.

SpySERP uses a proxy server to obtain geolocated data. This ensures the accuracy of the SERP results.

All device coverage

All device coverage

We simulate user behavior so you can be sure that you will get accurate results for a desktop computer, tablet or mobile device.

Using the appropriate settings, you will get exactly the SERP as if you were searching online yourself

Brands tracked by SERP API


Pricing & Plans

YearlySAVE 20%
Developer Plan

Plan with a limitation for the smallest projects

29 / month
  • 50,000 queries / month
  • Desktop and mobile SERP
  • Cancel anytime
  • Global location
  • All search types
  • HTTPS Encryption

Popular for most individual SEO optimizers and studios

119 / month
  • 150,000 queries / month
  • All Developer Plan includes
  • Proxy network
  • Usage Stats
  • Support
BIG Data

Plan for the big Companies and Studios with individual settings

Custom pricing
Individual limits, settings, API integrations, etc.

SERP API features and options

Real Time & Real Result

You don't have to wait for results - all queries are executed instantly.

Each request is sent through a full browser, bypassing all CAPTCHA. We mimic human behavior, so you're guaranteed to get what users really see.

Location-specific results

Get Google results from anywhere in the world with our "location" parameter.

Scale SERP routes your request through a vast global network to a server nearest your specified location to ensure accuracy.

Flexible payment model

You can use more queries than your plan includes

Within each Plan, there are overages requests that are executed automatically when the limit is exceeded.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SERP API?

SERP API sends a request to Google like a real user. In this case, requests are routed through the proxy server closest to the location you want to ensure accuracy. As a result, you get SERP data at the location you need.
Our SERP data price is the lowest on the market, so we do not have any free packages.
You can use Google SERP API, Google Images API, Google News API, Google Maps API, Yahoo SERP API, Bing SERP API, Baidu SERP API. All APIs can be supported by our specialists.
To get SERP data, you can specify any location - region, country, or city in the settings. You can also choose any language of the request, we work with almost all languages of the world.
Yes, we provide real-time data. Of course, it takes some time to get them, but we are not talking about days or weeks of waiting. You retrieve data as soon as we get them from Google.