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Apart from its SEO research tools, SpySERP also offers top-notch keyword grouping services, which can tremendously influence the performance and ranking of your website. It uses the specific clustering method, making the process easier and more accurate.
SpySERP Keyword Grouper
Distribute Your Keywords Correctly

Distribute Your Keywords Correctly

A keyword grouper helps sort out the keywords your website is ranking for and organize them better. This process is essential if you hope to enhance the website’s performance as it increases in relevance. Keyword grouper uses the special clustering method, making the process easier and more accurate.

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Take Keywords Competitiveness Into Account

Take Keywords Competitiveness Into Account

Use highly competitive keywords throughout your website pages and content. SpySERP helps you determine which keywords have medium or low ranking difficulty, so you can build new pages targeting them. This will help you rank for those keywords faster, which is one of Keyword grouper’s primary.

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Create And Manage Several Cluster Groups

Create And Manage Several Cluster Groups

Create several cluster groups with different settings and use them for a more targeted or expanded distribution of keywords across pages. The drag & drop tool makes it easy to drag words between clusters or create new ones.

Creating new groups does not require additional payment. The clustering tool is free to use. One SERP data snapshot can create as many groups as needed.

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Using Clusters Groups On With Different Tools

Using Clusters Groups On With Different Tools

Users can use cluster groups in conjunction with different SpySERP tools. For example, you can view your cluster groups in the SERP data table and use them as regular categories for keyword group display. All changes made in the cluster group are automatically displayed wherever this group is involved.

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Export Clusters To The Convenient Format

Export Clusters To The Convenient Format

After creating a cluster, you can export it into a convenient format or save them to Google Drive. The export file contains columns with keywords and the cluster groups. If necessary, the tool can separate groups into different files.

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How Does Keyword Clustering Work, And What It Brings To Your Website's SEO

The clusters are used to group the targeted search terms, relatable to the page in question. There are manual ways to do keyword clustering. However, SpySERP automatically and more accurately does this for you, but not before it has automatically carried out rigorous keyword research.


Getting SERPs

The tool starts by choosing keywords and sending them to search engines as search queries.


Result Analysis

It observes if the same SERPs for two different keywords are returned. If so, those keywords are sent to the same group.


Monitor Volume And Trends

Once you have the keywords grouped, you can easily use the data to track current trends, analyze how difficult it is to rank for a particular SERP, compare your result to your competitors, and more.

After the keywords have been clustered, distribute them across your website pages. This helps the site get a better rank in the search engine results.

Pricing & Plans

YearlySAVE 20%

Limited plan for small scale projects

  • One project (max 5 keywords)
  • Desktop and mobile SERP
  • Analytic tools
  • Up to 2 search engines/project
  • Project sharing
  • API integration
  • Support

For most individual SEO experts and agencies

billed monthly

10,000 Keywords Checkups / monthOverages:$0.79 per 1000

  • 10,000 Keyword checks/month
  • All free plan features
  • Unlimited projects
  • Up to 100 different search engines/project
  • API integration
*Card required

Ideal for large companies and agencies with individual settings

Custom pricing
Individual limits, settings, API integrations etc.

Keyword Grouping Tool: Features And Options

Precise Clustering Algorithm

SpySERP keyword grouping tool makes significant use of the clustering aspect to get more semantically accurate results. With this keyword grouper, users can effortlessly track the position of their website and that of their competitors as well by each keywords cluster.

Free Version

Similar to other SpySERP features o like the checker and scanner, the grouper also comes in two versions. Users can opt to use the completely free version, which comes with a limited number of projects you can create and the number of keywords. These users also have limited access to support.

Flexible Payment Model

Alternatively, you can sign up for the paid SpySERP version, which is, of course, more advanced and more beneficial. There are hardly any limitations with this version for using keywords clustering, and the support system is always on standby for assistance. To ascertain these features, users can get a chance to enjoy a 7-day trial

Brands Tracked By SpySERP

Thousands of business owners, developers, SEO consultants, and marketing strategists already trust the SpySERP ranking software for their SEO marketing, digital marketing services & online advertising needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Tree Depths Are Used For Clustering?

You can choose your own clustering tree depths. Top 3, Top 5, Top 10, Top 30, Top 50 and Top 100 are available.
For soft clustering, SpySERP chooses a keyword with the largest search volume on your list. It compares the top results the keyword produces to the top results for other keywords. It compares them according to the number of corresponding results in a search engine. If the number of common results matches the specific keyword grouping accuracy, those phrases are clustered.
Yes, moderate clustering can be found in the settings. This type of grouping is more complicated than soft clustering. In this case, the keywords in one group are more related to each other. SEO professionals prefer to use this method for keyword clustering.
You can export the results into Excel spreadsheets or Google spreadsheets. You can also finely adjust the settings when exporting.
We do not set a limit on how many keywords you can group. If the volume is particularly high, it may take a little longer than usual to generate the group. A prerequisite is that at least one SERP data report for the positions of the specified key phrases exists.