Keyword Rank Checker: A Free Online Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Rank Checker: A Free Online Keyword Position Checker

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14 Sep, 2020

Keyword Rank Checker: A Free Online Keyword Position Checker

Over the years, SEO keyword ranking has revolutionized how businesses present themselves over the Internet. Nowadays, you need to strategically organize your web content to take advantage of certain keywords. Whether you want to rank before your competitors or redirect traffic to your website, you’ll need to stick with SEO best practices.

Your Site’s Performance on the SE: Track It with SERP Position Checker

Before you can boost your site/business search engine ranking, you need to know where it lies for a given set of keywords. Using a SEO keyword position checker, you’ll realize that your site can rank better for specific keywords and may fail to show up completely for some. This is where a keyword position checker tool comes in. They help you analyze your site’s search engine ranking for specific keywords, not only in a targeted market but in your specific region/county. 

Even with the best search engine optimization techniques in place, you need to understand the landscape fully. Search engines are changing the way they rank websites, and techniques prioritized now, may not be relevant for some years to come. For example, not long ago, Google used backlinks as the key factor to rank websites; nowadays, links from low authority or “bad” pages can hurt your SEO. 

That said, searching your site on Google won’t show you the accurate ranking results. Here is why you need a keyword position checker: 

  • Search Engines like Google personalize the search results for each user – what this means is that Google will show you the best results based on your location, search history, etc. 
  • External factors, such as social connections and cookies, can affect your search results. 
  • The type of device you’ll use, e.g., phone, tablet, or computer, will give varying search results.  

All these factors make it challenging to know your site’s actual ranking. Luckily, our SERP position checker software has been designed with all these common challenges in mind. With the many free and premium Search Engine (SE) rank checking tools, choosing one can be a daunting experience. Below are the SpySERP tool features.

SpySERP Software Features: Why You Should Give It a GO

SpySERP is a vital Google SERP position checker tool utilized by SEO and digital marketing experts to keenly analyze and draw a conclusion on their marketing and content optimization needs. Before we can compare SpySERP with the many keyword ranking tools, let’s first see what this software offers. 

  • Guarantees a better insight into the desktop and mobile devices’ search results using the SERP Checker.
  • Guarantees better insights with a detailed comparison of the SEO practices amongst your competitors. This allows you to track certain keywords that rank for your niche. Guarantees a quick and convenient breakdown of the SE Results Pages (SERPs) for the different geographical locations – this helps you adjust your optimization or marketing campaigns accordingly.
  • Guarantees instant and accurate SE results between different user languages 
  • Guarantees a better analysis of the SE results for varied keyword strings. 
  • Allows for keyword grouping when doing your SEO analysis. This is possible using the SERP checker multiple keywords function.
  • Allows comparison of up to 10 SERPs results with the possibility to combine several SE personalization options. This means you can change the location, device, keyword phrases, etc., to find the perfect combination for your specific needs. 
  • Easy exportation of keyword search and SERPs results in a convenient format. You can download your CSV or PDF file results for later viewing and analysis.  

Now that you know all about our Google SERP position checker let’s dive deep and unearth the perks and the unique value proposition that this software offers to the market. 

SpySERP Software Vs. Other SERP Position Checker Tools

The phrase “keyword position software” makes it clear that it’s a tool for identifying those sites that appear before others on the SE results pages. But there’s more to tracking your site’s performance than knowing which competitor comes at what position or who ranks below you, on Google.  

What if you could know why your site isn’t performing that good of the SE results pages? Or even better, how you can improve your SE results by simply knowing which words (keywords) to use to help your site or business appear before that of your business rivals. That’s what SpySERP does, doing the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to make a ton of mistakes, over and over.       


So, if you were to compare our SpySERP checker with the competitors, the following would come out pretty clear: 

  • The software is one of the best SEO keyword position checkers that offers the most accurate data at any given time. Once you sign up, you get the full insights; from your keyword performance to your site’s domain authority, and everything, in between.
  • We are transparent and sincere about our services. You get a 7-day free trial after signing up, complete with all the premium features. This is our way of showcasing our services, so you know what to expect before committing to the premium plan. 
  • Unlike the other highly priced SERP position checker tools with inconsistent results, we offer the best pricing plan for anyone on a budget. When you choose our services, you don’t have to incur the extra cost. 
  • Our real-time monitoring and reporting feature isn’t only accurate but consistent. If you have used a keyword ranking tool before, you can easily tell that this is hard to come by.  

2021 Keyword Ranking Tips: What to Bear in Mind

The whole SEO landscape is complicated, and there's no one sure method that will guarantee some overnight success. Luckily, there are those techniques that have shown to work when used combined to optimize your site. These include:

  •  Prioritizing your keyword density range– after checking the competition using our  SERP checker multiple keywords, you need to carefully pick those relevant to your niche and the type of content you're putting on the site.
  •  Using Keyword-rich caption on images – Use keyword-rich alt tags
  •  Embedding relevant Videos to your site – preferably from high-authority sites such as YouTube. If someone loves the video and watches it, it increases the on-site time.
  • Using long-tail keywords – use a keyword position checker to pick high-in-demand keywords. 
  •  Make sure to have high-quality backlinks with keyword-rich anchor text to your site – this can be obtained through guest posts. You need to network and reach out to other people within your niche.
  • Get more shares on social media – this can give your posts/content more traffic, improving the site's overall ranking.

The Final Word

There are several reasons you would want to use the best Google SERP position checker to track your site’s performance or even those of your competitors. Either way, ranking on top of the search engines remains a priority for several businesses that understand the importance of online visibility.  

Suppose you’re looking to take your keyword optimization to the next level; you first need to analyze a set of keywords that rank not only for your specific niche but also within that particular region or country.  If this sounds like something you would be interested in, check out our software, and you’ll surely love it since there’s a lot that you can achieve to suit your varied needs.

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