SERP Checker

SpySerp monitors and reviews website positions, as well as provides for the clients 24h website’s position monitoring in Google, Yandex. Yahoo, Bing, etc.

One of the SpySerp’s key features is a gathering the most accurate and relevant data for any period of time. SpySerp collects and shows only live results, without XML.

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There are many types of checks, depends on types of devices. Users can check website positions in a desktop and mobile search results for Google and Yandex search engines, as well as compare and analyse the website positions depends on type of devices (tablet, notebook, PC or smartphone).

SpySerp provides the website’s positions check in a certain region or search engine. Thus, a user can check website positions in Berlin ( + domain regional/language settings), Manchester ( + regional/language settings) or Portland ( + regional/language settings). All you need to do is make an appropriate account settings.

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Working with SpySerp, a user can always share a project with colleagues and clients by opening an access to a project. Furthermore, a user can export all collected data in the appropriate form (XLSX, PDF, CSV).  

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