Why You're Not Successful with Internet Marketing…and What to Do About It

Why You're Not Successful with Internet Marketing…and What to Do About It


Eugene  |  

05 Jun, 2018

Okay, here's the average trajectory of your average "wanna-be" internet marketer. You learn that there are people making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year online. You decide…Dude, this is for me! You start buying various programs about how to do this, read blogs, and otherwise saturate your mind with about 50 different marketing strategies.

Next, you actually get off your duff, build a blog, and drive some traffic to it.

Your first sale!...If you're lucky.

Most beginning internet marketers never even get started. Only about twenty percent of so ever make a dime. Of those, only about one in five make any real money. And, it's the really rare internet marketer who makes a killing.

So, discouraged yet?

Don't be! Just make sure you're going into this thing with your eyes wide open, and with your work ethic in tact.

You see, the "you can make millions by tomorrow" crowd is fools. News flash! You are not going to get rich this year from internet marketing. But…if you approach it right, you can get rich. You can create an awesome income stream virtually all of which will be on autopilot. You can have that life you want.

After you sweat a little blood.

Thomas Edison said that most people stop just short of success.

He was wrong! Here's the deal. Most people never even get off the proverbial couch. Most folks never enter the ring. Most people never, ever…complete with whatever metaphor suits you, but most people never, ever get any traction at all because they don't start.

So, step one…Do Something!

Step two… Keep doing something. If the something you're doing isn’t working out, then after you've given it a longish try, change.

Success is the result of hard work. We're talking wake up at four in the morning and work on your websites before you go to your ten hour a day job, then come home and work some more hard work.

If you can apply yourself, the sky's the limit. No one can stop you. Your competitors can't stop you. The government can't stop you. Your spouse can't stop you. Nothing, nada, niente, can stop you.


All you have to do now is decide one thing. There's only one force on earth that can stop you.


Yes, you can stop you. And, if you're not preprogrammed for success, you will stop you. But what you must do is to find a way. You've got to build a road in the wilderness.

Work at it with this attitude and not even you can stop you.

Where To Find A Useful Information (Best SEO/Marketing Blogs)?

Best Seo Blog 2018

Ok, now you’re going to start doing something. And the “something” is a basic information. But where can you find the best Internet marketing sources?

We recommend you to check the next: 

  1. Neil Patel’s blog. A lot of useful information, insights and tips both for newbies and pros.
  2. Kissmetrics blog. Same things. If you’re looking for an interesting and useful insights, the latest case studies in SEO, SEM and marketing - it’s yours.
  3. Matthew Woodward’s blog. Another one great marketer who provides an interesting information. You can find a lot of useful tips and recommendations that may help you in your further marketer’s way.
  4. Hubspot’s blog. It’s more than useful. In our opinion, about 20-25% of all useful marketing information generates by Hubspot’s blog.
  5. SearchEngineLand. Well, it’s something like The NY Times in SEO/Marketing world. The freshest and fastest way to get the latest news.

You can also find a lot of other blogs that you can follow for your knowledge improving. But these aforementioned blogs you should follow at first.  

The Key To Success Of Internet Marketing Companies

Our Automotive Digital Marketing Company Has Ingredients For Your Success

If you are thinking of climbing a mountain to find a guru, fine. Do it. But don’t ask for the key to success of Internet marketing companies. You don’t need to climb a mountain for that, it’s actually pretty simple: find the people who are looking for what you sell, or what you do.

No doubt as you were rushing off to start doing exactly that, it occurred to you that while it’s a great idea, it isn’t immediately obvious where to start. Well, think about it. When you want to find something, what do you do? Fire up your search engine, right? Of course you do! The key then, assuming you actually have a product or service people would want if they found you, is making yourself easy to find in search engines. It always amazes me how difficult some companies are to find.

Maybe my hobbies are obscure. Maybe hobbyists make the products I’m interested in and not people genuinely interested in having their business succeed. But really, it amazes me how often I hear about a product, search for it, can’t find it, and eventually after scouring Internet forums and meandering through link after link, I find exactly what I’m looking for. The journey’s always interesting, but really, if they optimized their website so that search engines could find them, then I could find them. I might be more eager to give them my money if I didn’t feel like I had to climb a mountain just to find them.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is, simply put, the process of improving your odds of people finding you through search engines. It is also the key to the success of Internet marketing companies. This typically involves choosing targeted keywords carefully. And then making sure they appear often, and in the right places, on your site. Ideally, through various SEO techniques you can also ensure that your site will show up on the list for most logical searches, but you can push your site toward the front of the list.

The higher you are on the list, the more likely you’re going to get lots of visitors. After all, what do you do when you use a search engine? Do you scour all the results up to page 20? Probably not. As a marketing strategy, you need to consider how search algorithms work and what people search for in order to succeed with SEO. Your efforts will most likely involve more than just keywords. They can involve the actual coding, presentation and structure of the site. It can also involve fixing problems that could prevent search engine indexing programs from spidering your site successfully.

If you are not familiar with terms like spidering, you’ll need to do your homework before you can hope optimize your site. Either that or you’ll need to hire someone who already knows all this stuff. Beware of trying to fool the search engines, however. Most search engines are sophisticated enough to filter out the obvious attempts at spamming the search engine with junk hits just to get your site up there. It’s tricky, but learn about SEO. It is the key to the success of internet marketing companies.

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