TOP SEO Factors to Secure Your Website Ranking in 2021

TOP SEO Factors to Secure Your Website Ranking in 2021


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25 Dec, 2020

SEO Changing With The Times

The global economy and the changing interests of audiences are giving companies a hard time keeping track of trends. It is therefore becoming vital to resort to SEO keyword rank tracker tools to ensure that websites remain competitive and in the top search results.

An important factor that signaled the need for change was Google, which updated its core ranking algorithm. The reevaluation of domain indicators in terms of expertise, authority and trust has changed, especially in the areas of finance, health and news. In the summer of 2019, Google updated the instructions for assessors, in which it expanded the list of YMYL topics.

And in October, the search engine announced the launch of the BERT Update algorithm, which complements the main ranking algorithm, takes into account the context of words in search queries, and makes search results more relevant.

With such restrictions and requirements placed on companies in their strive to keep their websites in the top rankings of search engines, the need for an SEO competitor rank tracker is becoming a necessity. Competitors are always believed to be in the lead, so following up with what they are doing and outstripping their offerings is the key to business success.

Adjusting strategies for making sure daily rank tracking is employed is a reality of 2020 and the main trend that should be consistently followed up in 2021. Selecting the best SERP keyword rank tracker, or Search Engine Result Pages, is vital to automate the laborious process of keeping up with keyword trends.

Why Do It?

Why do large businesses even need to track keywords?

The bigger the business – the more trends it has to track to remain competitive and to keep its website in the top search engine ranking.

How does an average SERP tracker work?

Most trackers are very intuitive and operate based on automatic algorithms, thus simplifying work for marketers.

Can a tracker indicate the errors being made to optimize search results?

That is what modern trackers are designed to do.

How much does it cost to use a tracker?

Most tracker tools provide very client-oriented pricing plans and are a cost-effective instrument that guarantees efficiency.

Top Factors to Consider When Selecting a Rank Tracker Tool

The selection of a tailored and specialized rank tracker for SERP tracking is no easy task, because it comes with certain requirements.

Just having an online keyword rank tracker is not enough to be successful in 2021, and here are some of the factors determining why.


When choosing keys (semantics), companies must always think about the clients and their needs. When a user enters a keyword into a search engine bar, they are entering the term that best describes their needs and what they are expecting to find. No matter how well-developed the product or the service, not even the best rank tracker tool can take on the role of a real person and understand what the search query will be.

Companies must place themselves in the shoes of the clients and think not from the side of the product as sellers, but as buyers, and avoid product-fixation. Some advanced algorithmic software packages like the Google keyword rank tracker provide good real-time tracking of keyword dynamics, but that does not negate creative thinking and sound marketing strategy implementation.


Protection of websites with https is a factor when deciding the correct SEO strategy to be applied for good ranking of the channel.

One of the important points when working with a website and its ranking is its protection level. Though website owners may try to keep their channels secure, it is important not to forget about the users that visit their websites, since many of them may have rather malevolent intentions. SSL certificates are the way to go.

The main means of protecting user data on a website is the https protocol. This protocol is a special data encryption method that provides security when transferring information from the user to the site and vice versa. In order to use this protocol on your website, you must obtain a special security certificate. Upon receipt, a comparison of data occurs, which confirms that the owner of this site is the organization. These actions keep visitors safe from eavesdropping attacks.

Top Seo Factors

The security of the site is an important factor that even any free rank tracker will take into account when ranking the website in Google or in any other search engine. The more secure the website, the higher the ranking it will receive.

Making URLs Understandable for The Google Keyword Rank Tracker

The URL of the website should be clean, RESTful, human-readable and understandable for non-expert or average users.

The advantages of clean URLs are many for SEO optimization and include the fact that companies can use keywords in the address, which has a positive effect on page ranking, namely:

  • Natural links in the form of page addresses convey weight for the necessary keywords contained in the URL.
  • The clickability of snippets in the search results is improved by clean URLs, because keywords are highlighted in the search and attract more attention.
  • The use of such URLs facilitates the memorization of page addresses.
  • It helps users find out what the page is about even before clicking on the link, which reduces the bounce rate and helps attract more targeted visitors.

More importantly, clean URLs simplify site navigation, as the user immediately recognizes in which section of the channel they are in and can quickly move to a higher level. Such URLs also reduce the likelihood of internal duplicates, simply work with web analytics and allow Google to rank the website based on its readability algorithms and keyword tracking.

Backlinks Are The Basis of Promotion

When it comes to backlinking, the rank tracker Google offers takes into account how often a certain web resource is mentioned on other websites.

The more a website is visible on other websites and the more often it is mentioned as a link in various written materials, the higher the chance that it will get clicks and views. The whole point of promotion is having a website visited more often, as that increases the chance of a conversion and, subsequently – a sale of the advertised product or service.

The mechanics involved in the Google SERP rank tracker take such mentions of the website into account when moving up the ranking in the search engine results, thus improving its visibility organically.

Video Content

There is a reason why advertisements are so popular on virtually every single channel from YouTube or basic websites offering anything from news to reviews.

Users are much more likely to watch a video and remember its acting or the main message being conveyed. The fact is that visual memory is the basis of advertising – people will remember what they see. If the image is moving and talking, then the effect will be even higher. Such basic underpinnings are the main reasons why video content should be included on the website to ensure its higher ranking.

In fact, video content of any kind, not only advertising, is being considered to be the main trend of the coming years, as it will likely be pushing banner advertising and even contextual advertising from the pedestal of the most profitable format.

Just Connect Analytics

There is no way a company can do without an analytics service for website ranking and keyword tracking. That is the reality of modern times.

The moment a website is connected to a tracking service like SpySerp, its ranking will be greatly improved, as the main factors that determine its positioning in search engines will be taken into account automatically and optimized. The service gives both experienced and novice SEO users the inside track on their web pages’ performance across multiple search engines and provides a host of other functions.


When they say that it is the 21st century outside, that refers to SEO strategies as well, and they are evolving. Using a tracking tool, one that is automated and versatile is the key to making websites successful in the rankings. If applied on a daily basis, the tracker will lift the website sky high. 

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