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28 Jun, 2019

Top 10 Best Search Engines List

Most users have no need of lots search engines. If the user isn’t professionally involved in digital marketing or SEO he just wants such search engine that would deliver relevant results, simple interface and accessible options to be able to tighten or broaden his search. Put it otherwise, typical user needs a search engine that will meet 99% of his searching need.

Which is the Best Search Engine?

What is the most popular search engine? No doubts, it is Google. A great weight of all search queries accounts for Google, nearly 70%. But it would be mistakable to focus on one search engine, even if it is the most popular. If you’re running the web-site try to catch your targeted audience from lots of other search engines. Consider their algorithms too. If you refuse them, your competitors would engage your potential customers and have the advantage of you.  

How Do I Know Where my Website Ranks on Google?

To attract more visitors you should get higher on Google search. The best way to improve search engine ranking is to write interesting unique content and find relevant keywords and add them to your page title, h1, h2, meta description or in the text. To know where your website ranks on Google, you can use the best keyword rank checker tool.

Now we’ll review top ten search engines and clarify various sources of traffic.

1. Google

Needs no introduction! It is real Titan, and not only among PC devices, but also mobile versions. Talking about tablet search we can tell that Google is even more popular. It takes nearly 80% of all search queries. Of course, each webmaster is trying to optimize his web-resource for Google following its algorithm. This engine always changes its algorithm and fights for high quality content on the site, and only white hat SEO-strategy.

2. Bing

Bing is the second popular search engine. Microsoft has made an attempt to compete with Google, developing its own engine – Bing. Frankly speaking they are too far from the most popular search engine, but their services are also useful and well-known. On Windows PCs, Bing is a default search engine but it takes only nearly 10% of the search engine market.

The developers are improving their system for the users to receive better results, but they can’t reach Google’s share in search engine market.

3. Yahoo

Yahoo has nearly 4% of all search engines market share. More that it is the best known email provider. From 2011 to 2015, Yahoo search was powered entirely by Bing. Then in 2015 Yahoo agreed with Google search-related services. As a result Yahoo search is powered by these two search engines – Bing and Google. By the way, since 2014 Yahoo became default search engine in the USA, but only for Firefox browsers.


Its official name is Ask Jeeves. This service isn’t popular, but it has nearly 0.4% of the search share. The format of this system differs from the top search engines. One user is asking and the others are answering the given questions. The format is interesting and even engrossing. The users of this system find it such one, which can engage.

More that functionalizes as other more popular search engines. It also gives the results but most users distinguish poor quality of these results. Comparing even with Bing the results are not satisfactory in lots of users’ opinion.


It is known as a search engine as well as a network. In the realm of network the system has many authoritative web-sites with high traffic. As a search engine AOL is not highly sought, its market share is less than 0.1 percent. In 2015 AOL was purchased by Verizon Communications.

6. Baidu

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China. More than one billion queries are requested in Baidu per month. Alexa Rankings ranks this system at position FOUR. The market share of this Chinese search engine is consistently increasing. It was founded in 2000 but according to the digital analytics forecasts it would be progressing.  

7. Wolframalpha

Wolframalpha differs from other search engines. It even has its specific name: Computational Knowledge Engine. The users can find facts and interesting data for different topics. Various calculations are made by this system. On the basis of numerous assumptions users can receive calculations of their requests. Search engine traffic form Wolframalpha isn’t rich, but due to its peculiarities the system has its audience.

8. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo has lots of unique advantages. Begin with the point that, the engine isn't tracking you. While other engines track users’ queries, even when they use private mode, DuckDuckGo doesn't track its users. It is on principle. Clean interface is also an advantage. They aren't following the users with advertising. They do not store users' search history. Therefore, the company has nothing to sell to advertisers who are trying to track their customers around the web. Privacy policy of this service is simple: they don't collect and don't distribute any personal information of users.

According to the forecasts of digital analytics Duckduckgo would be increasing its market share, but for now it contains a bit more than 0.2%. But this share is enough to serve more than 30 million queries every day.

9. Internet Archive is a specific search engine. It gives an opportunity to see the web-site archive. In other words you can know how this or that web-resource looked years ago. Since 1996 and up to now you can see the interface of the site and its web-pages. For domain history analysis it is a very useful tool. examines all web-site changes starting from the date of its foundation and up to our days.

10. Yandex

Yandex is in top 30 most popular web-resource in web-network according to Alexa. Alexa also gives to it a high rank position of 4 in Russia.

This engine sets oneself as a technology company that develops smart products and provides services useful for digital marketing. It is the largest search engine in Russia with more than 65% share market in this country.

In Conclusion

List of search engines is long. In different countries search engines' popularity is different. But when you're thinking over “Which search engine is safest and best?”, consider that globally Google and Bing are the most popular engines. Search engines are developing and their number would increase in years ahead, but surely, Google and Bing would be holding the top positions for years.

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