SerpBook: What is the Best Alternatives? Choosing the Best Rank Tracking Software


23 Apr, 2019

SerpBook: What is the Best Alternatives? Choosing the Best Rank Tracking Software

Howdy, SpySERP fans and visitors! Today we’re going to talk about the best alternatives for the SerpBook tracker.

As you may know, SerpBook is one of the most popular and well-known SERP trackers. Despite that, there are a lot of alternatives you can try right now - that’s why we’ve decided to create this article and tell you about the best rank tracking software that would be the great alternative for SerpBook.

SerpBook’s Main Features

First of all, we’re going to create unbiased and truthfully review to give our readers useful information only. Moreover, we have to do this! Thus, let’s take a look at some SerpBook’s key features.


You can get 7-days free trial, and after that, you can choose between three packages. The minimum price for the personal package is $42 per month.

Well, are there any alternatives with the best prices?

Here we go! SpySERP provides the minimal package with just $7.9 per month!

Is there the best rank tracking software for the price range? Of course, there is.

But as you may know, price isn’t the most valuable feature - this is one of the key features, but you should also pay attention to other essentials. For example, what does minimal package include.

Minimal Package Features

Ok, let’s take a closer look for the SerpBook’s $42 package features:

Check the positions of your site right now!

Let’s see… You can track 500 keywords, get daily updates, mobile tracking, white label reports and the unlimited number of users. And you know what? That’s perfect.

But does SpySERP can provide the BETTER features and just for $7.9 per month? Of course, it does, that’s why SpySERP is one of the best rank tracking software on the market! Let’s take a look:

You’ll get 10 000 check per month, free and AI-based keyword clustering, keyword competition chart, SERP analysis tool, mobile tracking, more than 50 search engines for ALL locations, unlimited number of users, daily (hourly) scheduled email reports, real-time data 24/7, downloadable PDF/CSV/XLSX reports, URL tracking, SERP competitors research, powerful API, and unlimited time data statistics!  All of these you’ll get without any restrictions, so you can use that features instantly after payment.

User Interface

SerpBook has an attractive and user-friendly interface that allows a comfortable working process for all users:

For this part, SpySERP has a user-friendly and well-oriented interface that allows analyzing all the data in one place:

Hence, these trackers allow the user to make their SEO routine comfortable and understandable.


You can make the final thoughts on your own and said us which rank tracking software is the best for your SEO needs.

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