12 Feb, 2019

👍 Paid and Free Online Plagiarism Checkers 👍

Plagiarism is really actual problem which occurred with Internet development. The thieves of the content are foraging for exciting texts. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running business projects, checking students’ papers or working at a press-release, the uniqueness of text proved by qualitative duplicate checker is one of the key points of creating text materials. Before publishing anything, the publisher should be sure, that the materials are original to prevent any accuses of stealing another author’s content.

The employees of all educational institutions need to compare articles and other scientific works as well as the webmasters need to compare web pages using text similarity checker. So, in this article we’re making short review of top effective methods providing duplicate content checkers.

Using unique content on your web-site you not only follow copyright law but also draw organic traffic and receive extra users. It helps to get higher positions of your web-site in the search engines, including Yahoo and Google. To check the positions of your web-site in search engines you can use a professional service Spyserp that provides accurate search engine ranking and offers detailed indication of not only country and city but also location. No doubts, unique content is essential for all webmasters!

1. Manual check - the easiest dupli checker for quick review

Manual check is both fast and easy, but at the same time it is insecure. 

For this method we take short fragment of text and copy past it in any search engine system. It could be Google, Yahoo or any other you prefer. In some seconds you‘d observe the uniqueness of the chosen fragment. Of course, running plagiator check by this way is easy, you needn’t any additional tools to use but it also has disadvantages. You can’t estimate the percent of plagiarism of the whole text; you also can’t estimate the unique character of the text. The text should be indexed by the chosen search engine for you to check for duplicate content.

2. SiteLiner – proper tool for websites to check for plagiarism

Using this online plagiarism checker one could be watching something borrowed online free and easy. You just enter the needful link and run this plagiarism checker viewing the percent of duplicated content. The user may choose both: viewing the unique content of the whole web-site as one single unit or the pages fixed by the program which contain duplicated content.   

Pros: The service not only indentifies non-unique content, but also it provides comparison with other web-resources and offers the graphics.

Cons: Only 250 pages can be scanned for free, to scan more the user should pay for Premium version.

3. Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Checker

This plagiarism checker not only checks the text for its plagiary but also verifies the integrity of the document content. If there are non-original sentences, the plagiarism checker determines the source of any non-original or plagiarized piece that was taken from the Internet. Online comparing using different search engines is quick. This service doesn’t save content in its database.

The users can sign up for free and be informed about all the improvements of this tool, but they can use the service without signing up. One important advantage of this tool is that all its features are open for free.

4. (free trial/paid) duplichecker

At the first step the service is free, but receiving the results you receive the offer to sign up for its trial version. Trial version is for 7 days. The subscription can be canceled before trial period is up, but the user could also take subscription plan. The subscription plan isn’t free: nearly 30$ for month subscription, 60$ for quarterly and 139 annually.  

Pros: The data you receive is extensive. If you need detailed analysis the service gives you complete answer.

Cons: The service isn’t free. The user receives intense details and he may be in no need of all the received data. It demands strong knowledge to clarify the information you receive. If you’re short in time and need shallow parsing the service may be not up to you.

5. Online Plagiarism Checker -

The user can choose the content he needs and paste it into the box, selecting several search engines to start the copy check. When the checking is finished the service offers a list of web-sites with plagiarized content. Plagscan is free.  User can observe not only sites with plagiarized content but also that particular duplicated content. But best free plagiarism checkers could offer more accurate, more numerous results.    

Pros: Free and easy in use.

Cons: The results aren’t so numerous as the user could need.

6. Dupli Checker

The user can scan the content for free, but the service asks for donation if the user really likes it. The donation is not obligatory! It’s up to the user to pay or not to pay:)

Pros: The service is absolutely free and understandable.

Cons: The analysis isn’t too deep and enough detailed.

7. Copyscape – may be the best website plagiarism checker

It is one of the most powerful services admitted by popular and well-known western bloggers. So, if you need to compare two texts for plagiarism or make deep check for duplicate content rely on this program without doubts. If someone decided to plagiarize, the system would determine him easily. When other plagiarism checker online can’t determine the thieves of the content Copyscape does it distinctly. But if you’re looking for free text checking for plagiarism, the service wouldn’t help you. You could only check the uniqueness of the pages of the web-site or the whole site totally for free.

Pros: The picture of any fragment of your copied content and its significancy is maximum accurate. The details and analysis are given at a very high level. 

Cons: Each copy check costs 3 cents. 

8. – paid service only

The service is paid only. To use it you should firstly sign up and select the package of services. The cheapest one is $7.95 per one paper check. Lots of students and employees of educational institutes use it to ensure that the materials they use are free from plagiarism or correct-cited. This site is geared towards university or college students who want to turn a paper in to their instructor and want to ensure that it is accurate and well-cited as well as being free from plagiarism. The content would be checked for quotes phrases and any not correct cited similarities against 110,000 published works, 250 million student papers and the Internet.

In Conclusion

Content checker is an important tool. It provides either free or paid plagiarism comparison. Before choosing it the user should clarify for him what purpose he follows. If you need more instructions and deeper analysis you’d better choose paid tools. But if your purpose is to compare two documents for plagiarism or something like this you are not in need to pay money for this. Free tools offer limited options and their variety is limited too. Consider this before making your choice.

Many people copy each other content. If they do it according to the copyright reserved it is okay, but when they break authors’ rights the tools we described above can really help make them carry responsibility for stolen content.

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