How to Make Organic and Paid Search Work Together

How to Make Organic and Paid Search Work Together


Anastasia  |  

24 Mar, 2020

People have been working on SEO for a long time now. And, a lot of them thought that they had to decide whether they would go with an organic approach or if they should splash money on paid SEO campaigns. Well, today, we have gathered the facts. We want to explain to you why and how you can optimize your site for organic SEO and implement paid search into your SEO strategy as well. Or vice versa.

1. Paid Search is Great for Testing Organic Keywords

Increasing rankings using only organic keywords is not an easy thing to do, and it requires significant effort in order to achieve good results. Developing excellent and valuable content is not the only thing that you need to do in this case. Still, you also need to get it in front of lots of people and share it across lots of platforms. Lots of brands love to research first and see if the desired keywords are giving back a positive return. They test this out with paid search, and if they get positive results, they continue investing their time and energy in this method.

Before you start doing anything, the first thing you should do is to develop good content and set up some paid search campaigns for this content. This will allow you to test how your target audience reacts to the content. Once you’ve created paid ads, you are certain that the ads will display on the SERPs, and you know that your content will be visible for the targeted keyword. From there, you can choose the best performing keywords and work on them.

2. Use Organic Keywords in Order to Locate the Good Paid Keywords

Organic keyword research is an excellent asset to use when you are looking for a well-performing paid keywords to build your campaigns. Features like “Data Cube” can be used for more than just your organic search campaigns. Namely, you can use “Data Cube” for creating paid search strategies. 

3. Paid Campaigns For Getting your Seasonal Content Out

Lots of brands actually create a lot of seasonal content that needs to get in front of more people quickly. This content might be covering seasonal events or new products. This is when they need to get this content in front of others and get it fast. Traditional ways of ranking are taking them too long, and they resort to paying campaigns instead.

Paid search is a great way of getting audience to your content until you get high enough in the search results that the content can sustain itself organically. Using paid search, you will get audience and traction on your site much faster than if you were solely relying on organic search.

4. Paid Search for Targeting Harder Keywords

There are lots of websites on the internet… and when I say a lot, I am talking millions. This means that there is high competition for nearly every niche (some are higher than others, though.) So, the more competition there is in your niche, the more competitive the keywords will be, and the harder it will be for you to rank for those keywords. You can try and optimize your site to rank for those keywords, but you will realize soon that the websites that are ranked high for those keywords are well-established there. And, comping up with a way to outrank them will be practically impossible.

It would be impossible to do it organically, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use paid search to get your website to rank above them. Namely, you can increase your visibility by using paid search. You should especially use this strategy for the hard-to-reach keywords. 

5. Organic Content for Building Stronger Paid Campaigns

You probably already know that building a strategy for paid search requires a lot of money to be splashed. So, you will need to spend your money wisely and do the required research before you develop your strategy.

The best way to do this is to develop amazing unique, and valuable content that is going to drive the paid search campaigns.

You should develop and optimize content that will focus on your audience’s most significant pain points and solving them. Make sure to use the keywords pretty regularly in the content to make sure that the content that they just saw is relevant to their problems and that it will solve them. Make sure to also use headings, pictures, bullet points to make it known to them what the point of the content is.

6. Mix and Match Paid and Organic Search in Order to Get Best Results

Both paid and organic search have one in a common goal, and that is to increase the visibility on SERPs. Using them together and mixing and matching them to soothe your strategy can be extremely good for your site.

Make sure that the tone and language you use in your organic and paid search are consistent. This allows your users to recognize you instantly across many platforms. 

Mix and match the two so that you can get more and more traffic on your site. Use paid search even on keywords that might be ranking high on SERPs. The fact of the matter is that paid search will increase the visibility even more, and you’re in a win-win situation.

Implement PPC in order to increase the engagement on different channels. PPC is not present only on the search engines, in fact, it also lives on multiple social media platforms. This means that it can drive clicks to your content even through social media platforms. 

In the past couple of years, Google has focused its time and energy into deciphering the intent of users searching the web. So, that is the main reason why SERPs have a different number of ads, visual content, and articles in various searches. 

There are lots of tools in the marketing sector. Paid and organic search is two of the more important ones. You can use them both in your strategy to increase your presence on SERPs. But, first, you need to dive deep into the mutual interaction between these two.

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