How To Choose The Best SERP Checker For SEO Agency

How To Choose The Best SERP Checker For SEO Agency


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11 Apr, 2018

Best SERP Checker – Which Keyword Tracker is #1 for SEO?

2018 SERP Rank Checker & Tracker Rankings (Updated: June 2018):

1SPYSERPFree/$0.25 per 1000 checksYESYESYESYES
3SerpFoxFree/$10 per monthYESYESYESNO

There are so many Google rank trackers available for the SEO purposes at this time. These services provide different prices, plans, and features, so it’s hard to find out what kind of SERP trackers are the best for the SEO entrepreneurs and agencies. No businesses like to talk about their competitors, but in this article, we will. Why? Because we’re going to uncover the most useful information that can help our readers to choose the perfect website rank tracker for their purposes.

Now we look at the most important key features which should be examined by every SEO agencies before the final choice.

The Key Features of SERP Trackers

Just look closely at the next rank trackers key features before you’ll choose the most appropriate tool for you:

  1. Accuracy. This is the first and foremost thing you should examine at your tracker. Every SEO agency working with their customers have a need to know, whether the tools used in their work working good or not. So, first of all, you should ask yourself, “Is my SERP tracker accurate?”. Probably you’ll get a positive response - yes, it doing that well. But how accurate that position checker? As you can assume, the best SERP checker should have 100% accuracy, because why would you settle for less than 100% in your rank tracking?
  2. A number of keywords you can track (both in free/paid version). For example, SpySerp can track 100 keywords per two projects for free (3000 monthly checks). In the paid version, SpySerp can check up to 100 000 keywords per one project (100 projects) and more. Serplab provides 300 searches/day in the paid version. SERPS provides up to 1000 keywords/month in the start plan.
  3. Local rank tracking. Did your service provides local keyword tracking? Google geo targets and personalizes has a big matter in 2018, so that’s the way it’s going to stay at least for a good while. Remember, there are a bunch of clients that would like to know their local ranking in the city/state, so if your rank tracker doesn’t provide these feature, you should avoid to using it.
  4. SE diversity. Do you need to track the website positions only in Google search? Well, in that case, you can choose a lot of weak and useless SERP trackers. But if your agency needs to track positions in Google, AOL, Bing and other search engines, we recommend using SpySerp. This service provides the best search engine diversity - you can check the website positions over the 100 search engines.
  5. Mobile SERP tracking. You know what we’re talking about. Google run mobile-first index, and every Google updates in 2018 will affect mobile ranking. That’s why you should know not only desktop ranks but also mobile ranks. Remember, in 2018 mobile devices and tablets will be more than important for your SEO strategy. That’s why don’t forget about the tracker with mobile position checking.
  6. Prices and plans. You know - price matters because every business and SEO agency having their own budget. In this way, SpySerp is one of the cheapest solutions for the entrepreneurs as well as big SEO agencies. Average monthly price per keyword - about 0.04$ and up to 0.02$.

At last but not least - additional features. It’s very useful and comfortable when the service provides additional features added to SERP checking. For example, SpySerp provides keyword clustering, TOP analysis, and other features additionally to the rank tracking.

Summarizing, we can infer the best SERP checker should have 6 mandatory features and if you'd like to compare SERP trackers - you can read our article about 9 Tools For Checking Google Keyword Rankings. If you have other minds - you’re welcome to mention other features that are important to you in the comments below.

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