What is a Yahoo rank checker and why do you need it right now to enrich your SEO

The higher the position of your site, the higher is the traffic. This position determines the quality accorded to your domain after thorough analysis and a report by various search engines. The quality is measured based on multiple factors like the search engine optimization (SEO), density of keywords, use of backlink, the readability of your website and of course whether your website content is unique or if they are a duplicate of another site. Yahoo rank checker enables you to check where your website has been ranked in Yahoo results. SpySERP has been designed with the capacity to check keyword rankings in multiple countries.

You can change domain, language and geo settings as you need.

Yahoo Settings

Logically, the ranking of keywords is usually different from one geographical location to another. Because of this dynamic nature of the keywords, SpySERP’s backlink tries to incorporate the time and location aspects when checking the rank.

This data is quite significant and bears much value since it helps you to prospect your keywords and efficiently use them to develop your strategy.

SpySERP’s Yahoo rank checker checks your website’s position and gives you a report on its where it lies against its competitors to enable you always to know where it is ranked in major engines like Google, Yandex, Yahoo or Bing. 

Yahoo rank checker directly works with the URL, and therefore, to check the specific rank of your website, all you need to do is to type in your URL and the tool will automatically conduct all the needed research right away.  You can also get rankings for other places, and to do that all you need is to type in the location that you want to search.

Working with SpySERP, users are not restricted to desktops to check the position of their websites. SpySERP checker is compatible with both mobile phones and desktop, and users can check their positions in Yandex and Google any time using these devices. In addition to the phones and PC, users can also make a comparison and analyse the data about the website’s position on tablets and notebook.

The best part is that this collected data can always be shared and also exported to forms like XLSX, PDF or CSV for easier reading, manipulation and saving.

There is a more advanced aspect of rank checking, and that is rank tracker, which goes beyond the mere checking of the website’s rank.

SERP tracking and SEO boosting with the use of Yahoo rank tracker

A rank tracker, as mentioned above, does not just stop at checking the position of the website, instead, it goes a further mile to monitor it and give frequent reviews. The tracker keeps a keen watch on your site, and whenever there is a change in the positioning, it gives you information on that, including the current position you hold after the fluctuation. It also offers live results with no XML, which provides it with high speed and makes the information real-time and highly dependable. The reliability of this information makes it easy for you to manipulate it to help you score more traffic.

Functions of Yahoo rank tracker:

1. Shows the search engine ranking of your site.

Just like the checker, the tracker also reveals your rankings in search engines in real time, and gives you a report on this.

2. Shows any fluctuation in your rankings.

Whenever your rank drops or goes down, the tracker will always pick this up automatically and inform you about it. It also generates a clear graph based on these data for a graphic visual. Any slight drop or rise in the rank is reflected in the graph.

3. Monitor and compares your ranking and that of competitors.

You always need to monitor your competitors to improve your ranking authority. Yahoo position checker does this for you and alerts you of any significant changes. It also compares these rankings with that of your website.

4. Checks if a wrong page appears instead of the landing page.

The tracker identifies if a wrong page has been visited when the intended page was to be the landing page, then it notifies you of this.

5. Group keywords. 

You can use clastering tool for grouping keywords using SERP or relevant URLs.

How to track Yahoo keyword position and reach your audience queries

Yahoo keyword position tracking is slightly different from rank checker. With the keyword position tool, its major focus is on the keywords. It identifies the ranking of the targeted keyword in almost all the major search engines, for instance Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others. Like in the rank checker, simply type in the targeted keyword and the URL of the page you want to track

Using SpySERP allows you accessing these features, either through a paid plan or a free version. Logically, the paid plan has fewer limitations and more benefits. The free plan also works accurately, but it comes with a lot of limitations including no system support, which is usually quite helpful.

The biggest test to SEO experts is moving up the rank and maintaining their position. Get your plan at SpySERP and make the task easier and faster.