SEO analysis tool: why you should definitely give it a green light while doing SEO

SEO analysis tool: why you should definitely give it a green light while doing SEO

In a more understandable and more straightforward form, website SEO analysis tool is a software that helps assess a page and identify errors and mistakes that prevent it from being ranked highly. It does this through a step by step process, which starts by breaking down the whole web page structure and content. It then assesses the build quality and the quality of the content, based on its usability, the accessibility, and of course, search engine optimization. The tool also acts as an explorer since it explores various ways through which you can improve and get rid of the errors.

Why is it important?

The lack of an appropriate answer to this question has made many website owners stray and focus on less critical issues, thereby maintaining their low ranks. To summarize everything in a short paragraph, onpage SEO analysis helps you reach the target customers, drive traffic to your website, and of course, improve your ranking in the best search engines like Google and Yahoo

Roles of SEO analysis tool

Checking website’s backlinks

    Backlinks significantly contribute to your ranking in SERP. It is, therefore, essential to ensure the quality and quantity of the backlinks to your site are top-notch. The SEO analysis tool does not only stop at determining the backlinks and their quality and quantity, but it also goes further to make a list, export the backlinks, and to also track them frequently. The open site link explorer also helps in analyzing the backlink growth trend. All you should do is type in the competitor’s URL, and the tool will do the rest.

    Analyze various competitors’ strategies
      The analyzer also looks into the strategies of your competitors and provide useful data on their website. The tool bases its analysis on the common SEO issues, the speed of the competitor’s pages, and compatibility with a mobile phone. The strategies analyzed here can sometimes also include competitor’s online presence and the kind of keywords they use.

      Give audit reports

        After the analyser has reviewed your website and those of your competitors, it gives an audit report, which suggests how each problem can be fixed.

        Generate automatic checkups

          Users can always monitor their websites and also see the load speed. This review is usually done by SpySERP’s automated features at definite intervals. Since the metrics of the competitors are also important, the tool also captures these in the report.

          How SEO competitor analysis tool can help your ranking and SEO overall

          SEO competitor analysis is a very significant aspect as far as SEO research and campaign is concerned. Though many website owners do overlook this vital aspect and jump right into backlink checking, mapping of the keyword or content optimization, this process is very imperative. 

          It's simple reasoning; knowing where your competitor stands is the only way you can learn how to beat them. This is precisely what the SEO competitor analysis tool does.

          It identifies your potential competition and helps you use the gathered information to improve your position. Here’s how it works

          Competitor analysis process:

          1. Identify your top competitors

          The first and foremost step an SEO competitor analysis tool will make is identifying your top competitors. The competitors can be local ones using organic trafficking or the international ones who pay for ads.

          2. Generation of a competitor analysis report

            A report on the structural build-up and content quality of the competitors is then created by website SEO analysis tool. These content can be in the form of blog posts, eBooks, visual content, videos, slides, among others. You need to keenly analyze this information and make a comparison with your website.  Identify the aspects that they have, but you don’t, which could be the ones giving them better ranks. And most importantly, take advantage of the gaps on their side.

            3. Looking into their search engine optimization

              You also need to focus on their SEO structure because this is, in most cases, the booster of most top websites. You should also concentrate on their use of keywords in significant components like the page titles, the content, and the headings, and so on.

              4. Analyzing competitor’s social media integration

                Online presence has grown to be a significant aspect, especially in marketing. Identify the distinct ways through which the competitors advertise themselves on social media. How frequent they post, what content they post, and how good their profiles are. SEO analysis tool can help you know what you are required to do to improve your ranking.

                SpySERP allows you to find all of your TOP competitors, check their positions in different search engines and helps to create your own SEO strategy. 

                Moreover, additional analytics available for use, including the average position check for all types of the keywords, keywords visibility in search engines, organic results competition and changes in the current keyword positions.

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                Website analysis tool: its main benefits and reasons to master it

                Generally, this is the core of every website improvement process. It goes strictly hand in hand with other tools like keyword grouper, rank checker, and tracker, among others. Website analysis tool also helps in identifying your weak points and strong ones against those of the competitors, ultimately giving you an insight into what you need to do in order to improve your performance. An overlook of the analysis process makes it almost impossible to know what needs to be done, how and where, which is pretty much everything needed to improve the rank of your website. Gather and download all this information about your ranking as well as direct and indirect competitors. After that, it is only reasonable that you should make use of them. Improve on the areas where the competitors are doing great. Also, identify their weaknesses and use them to create strength on your side.

                SpySERP’s users get the chance to enjoy all these benefits of website analysis tool at a minimal fee which is usually almost as good as free, and it comes with great offers; no limits and instant support from the team whenever necessary.