KW Index Checker: How to Check Your Page Is Already Indexed?


19 Feb, 2019

KW Index Checker: How to Check Your Page Is Already Indexed?

Greetings all!

As you may know, Google loves well-optimized pages. It pays attention to the on-page SEO factors, such as keywords (including keyword density), H1-H3 tags, internal linking, good article structure, images, etc. But as you may know, most of all Google pays attention to the keywords on your page. How can you know that Google already checked and indexed your keywords?   

The best way to see it is by using KW index checker.

But where can you find it? Can anybody provide you a tool with the keyword index checker?

Surprisingly, yes! And you can see your keyword index (and whether your keywords are already well-checked and indexed by Google crawler) with SpySERP features in a few simple steps!

1. Sign up and create your project

First of all, sign up in SpySERP and choose all necessary settings.

At this step you need to make the next:

  1. Add your domain;
  2. Add your keywords (that you’d like to check with the KW index checker);

That’s all!

Check the positions of your site right now!

2. Check your pages with the target keywords indexing

At this step, you’re able to check indexing status for your page with the target keywords. You can make in a next way:

Start your project with the settings you’ve already set.

Wait until parsing will be complete and check your current graph.

On this graph, you can see all your keyword positions at the current moment. So if you see N/A parameter, then your keyword is not already indexed, and if you see any positions from 1 to 100, then Google already checked your web-page and give it positions for some relevant keywords.

This is the best and the simplest way to see is your page and target keywords already indexed by search engine. So if you’re looking for the good and simple kw index checker, then you have to try our features to get the instant answers on your questions!

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