28 Mar, 2018

SpySerp Google Rank Checker: Overview and Guide (Mobile+Desktop)

As you know, there are many Google rank checkers that allows you to check website position around multiple search engines. Some of them gives you untapped resources for your SEO strategy. Some of them can’t do this. Some of them has user-friendly interface and some of them hasn’t. But today we going to tell you how to use the SpySerp Google rank checker. Given that this is literally the most powerful SEO tool, we hope that you would love it. Let’s get started.

What You Can Do With SpySerp Google Rank Checker

SpySerp isn’t only a Google Rank Checker with a basic functionality, it also checks keyword rankings on different search engines, such as Yahoo, Bing and so on. Let’s see what SpySerp is capable of as a Google rank checker.

  1. As a Google rank checker, SpySerp allows you to check up to 50 keyword rankings on Google search engines absolutelly for free. All you need is to input your chosen keywords in the appropriate box, input your competitors keywords in other box (in case of need), choose the Google SE (mobile, desktop or both) and region. That’s pretty much everything you need for the Google rank checking!

  2. As a Google rank checker, SpySerp allows you to check your keyword rankings on multiple Google search engines with different languages. No matter where you want to check your keyword - USA, UK, EU, Canada, Asia and the rest of world. This Google rank checker provides more than 300 Google search engine and language combinations that will surely suit your personal needs.

  3. As a Google rank checker, SpySerp allows you to monitor how exactly your keyword rank varies along with time or when your SEO strategy has been applied. Of course, the current rank and positions are important, but you can always check any change, even around your competitors.

  4. As a Google rank checker, SpySerp allows you to export our keyword ranking data on Google for deeper analysis or demonstration. You can export all the data in CSV, XLSX or PDF. Also you can share information by proving the live link to your project!

And that’s not all the features in this Google Rank Checker. Keyword grouping, relevant pages data, live distribution and even CLUSTERING! Isn’t that what you wanted?

SpySerp SERP Checker: Key Features

So what you can find inside this tool? Let’s do a closer examination.

Average Statistic

So you chose your domain keywords and now you want to find out your average position and keywords visibility in the Google. Can you do this? Of course you can:

Top Charts

Would you like to know the competitors ranking? Or you want to check the Top Charts for EACH keyword? No matter what you want - we’ve already do this, so you just can see it for yourself:


Yes, you can create your website’s semantic core within few minutes! It’s very fast and simple with SpySerp Google rank checker. There’s no need to search any additional tools - you can cluster your keywords at SpySerp!

Clustering is the automatic distribution of project keywords by category based on the output of search engines. The algorithm that is used based on the selected settings (SE, TOP level, clustering method, degree of grouping) compares the references received for each keyword and collects the most closely related keywords in one category. Keyword clustering works quickly because it uses already existing SE parsing results. You can export grouping results to a file or apply to project keywords.

So now it’s your turn. Do you want to get the most accurate and relevant data for your keywords? Did you ever looking for the best Google rank checker? So here is!   

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